Rose customizes workshops that lead to wholeness for the community in a variety of topics. She uses heart centered connection to access innate wisdom and healing around race, bias, trauma and nature connection.

In addition to workshops, Rose holds a BIPOC healing circle monthly.


Rose is available for heart to hearts, a place she feels most comfortable. Exploring root causes to blocks, accessing and healing them. 
She looks to connect and heal that which interferes with us embodying our purpose, and working with you to draw on your innate wisdom and move into thriving.

•Womb Counseling
•Ancestral trauma
•Guided connection to deepest wisdom, ancestors, and guides.
•Guided journeying to what stirs within you, goal setting and reaching.
•Consulting on social justice issues, accessing wisdom and finding solutions. 


Drawing from her mesoamerican matrilineal knowledge. Postpartum care and ceremony completes the bodies birth cycle. Honors the mother and baby.

Rose is also available during pregnancy for heart-to-hearts, womb and baby connection. Babywearing, cloth diapering, and compassionate parenting support